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Our STO's Core Services

STO Services

We provide end-to-end STO consultation services to help make your STO a success.

We supply a unique blend of research, technology, marketing and legal to help company successfully execute a security token offering (STO).


Legal Services

  • Assessment of Anti-money Laundering Regulations
  • Selection of Intermediary for STO
  • Review and Recommendation on various legal documents
  • Interpretation of contracts.

Business Presentation

  • Whitepaper
  • Business Deck
  • One Pager
  • Business Plan

Landing Page

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Content Creation (Website, Blogs and Article)
  • Infographic and Visual Representation
  • Website Development, Design and Logos

Security Token Development

  • KYC Identity Aware Tokens
  • Smart contracts for the minting of tokens
  • Smart Contracts for Crowd Sale

Blockchain based Product Development

  • Blockchain Ideation
  • Visual and Technical Design
  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Development and Deployment
  • Upgrades

STO Marketing Activities

  • Social Media Account Set up
  • Community Building
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Email Marketing
  • Pitching STO Listing Sites
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Press Release Submission

Custodian Services

  • AML & KYC
  • Funds Processing
  • Fiat Backed Digital Assets
  • Bad Actor Checks
  • Accounting & Data Retention

Community Management Support

  • Strategies to build organic community
  • 24/7 community admin support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Respond back to the comments on different communication channels

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What is Security Token?

Issuing a security token is a new form of financing that enables companies to raise funds from investors through issuing a fully-regulated “digital share” of its equity, assets or part of its revenue. Security token offerings combine aspects of ICOs with IPOs to provide the seemingly perfect balance between gaining access to capital at a low-cost while remaining compliant with securities laws.

Through issuing digital tokens that provide similar rights to shares, companies have the potential to access more investors and at a lower cost than if they were to list shares on a stock exchange, making them more appealing to younger investors.

Security tokens empower investors with financial rights such as,


Tokens represent real assets like equity or revenue distribution.

Profit sharing rights

Security Tokens comply with securities law in order to be safe and trustworthy to investors.


Security Tokens utilize customized smart contracts to build for investor protection.

Buy-back rights

Security Tokens can be traded on regulated exchanges to provide liquidity.

Why Security Token Offering?

Security Token Offering benefits are outlined as below:

  • Help to reduce the costs of trading securities and make the transactions faster due to no involvement of financial intermediaries.
  • Allows fractional ownership in the investment to attract investors which brings more liquidity in the market.
  • It can bring the global investment on table as the tokenized securities can be traded across borders.


  • STO Platform

    • Consulting Legal Firms
    • Identify Country and their legal Regulations
    • Use Case Identification
    • Website Creation
    • Whitepaper and Pitch Deck Creation
    • Growth Hack Strategies Identification
  • Pre STO Launch

    • Publish Website
    • Publish Whitepaper
    • Token Smart Contract Creation
    • Community Building and Support
  • Custodian & Support

    • Custodian Integration
    • Smart Contract Creation for Holding and Regulations
    • AML/ KYC Validation
    • Token Audit and release
  • Post STO Launch

    • Support Activities
    • Markering Outreaching Activities
    • Maintenance Activities
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